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The GMO foods that cause hemorrhoids

Painful swelling of your rectal glands, also known as hemorrhoids, occurs for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are constipation, diarrhea, bad nutrition and lack of hygiene. Some doctors believe that it all boils down to your diet and how well you combine the foods to create a nutritional balance. Also, the consumption of too many GMO foods might give you a severe case of the piles in spite of your carefully constructed nutrition plan.

What are GMO foods?

Genetic modification of plants affects every single food you put on your table. Regardless of your dietary preferences, you most likely consume GMO produce on a daily basis. The food industry resorts to genetic alteration to increase crops and have a larger amount of food for animal livestock. As a result, you can find foreign genes like traces of pesticides, insecticides and artificial compounds in fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products and even fish from industrial fisheries.


What goods cause hemorrhoids?

It’s hard to tell exactly which foods cause your rectal veins to swell and bleed during stools. For decades people believed that spicy food causes hemorrhoids until a clinical study debunked this myth. With the advent of GMO technology, almost any ingredient you use is the product of genetic alteration. Therefore, your body has an adverse reaction to foreign, artificial agents and tells you that something is wrong with your diet through the inflammation of your lower intestine glands.

How to cure piles for good

The good news is that GMO-inflicted hemorrhoids are easy to cure with a natural remedy like Venapro. This powerful treatment for piles has been clinically tested and proven to treat piles in just a few weeks. Daily use offers a soothing relief from the burning pain and allows you to have healthy, bloodless stools. Also, long-term use prevents the anal veins from swelling again as an adverse reaction to your nutrition plan.

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