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The strange connection between GMO foods and hair loss

The effect of GMO foods on human health has long been debated, and several scientists have pointed at it as the primary cause for several forms of cancer. The chemicals and pesticides used to modify the genes of various crops create the perfect habitat in which dangerous bacteria and viruses can thrive.


A 2002 FDA report revealed that Aspartame produces no less than 92 adverse reactions in the human body. One of the worst effects of this artificial sweetener is hair loss. Unfortunately, it took more than 20 years for people to acknowledge the danger of consuming this substitute for sugar on a regular basis.

The danger of GMO artificial foods

Individuals who have diabetes or who have certain medical conditions that prevent them from consuming sugar use artificial sweeteners instead. This practice has given birth to a large industry kept alive by the same companies that produce GMO foods.

One of the most infamous producers of such goods is Monsanto, the manufacturer that created Aspartame in 1981. Since then, several cases of unnatural balding have been recorded by people who consumed this sweetener regularly. Even if the company refused any connection between its product and hair loss, FDA recognized hair thinning as a symptom in 32% of the investigated cases of Aspartame consumers that suffered adverse side effects.


How to reverse and prevent hair loss

If a seemingly harmless artificial sweetener is capable of destroying your follicles, it means that other GMO foods can do the same thing.

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