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How GMO foods give you toenail fungus

Onychomycosis is a bothersome medical condition that affects your nails and the skin that surrounds them. Also known as nail fungus, this ailment used to be triggered by fungal infections as a result of damp or unhygienic environments. However, recent clinical research has revealed that the fungi responsible for yellow nail syndrome develop in genetically modified plants.

Nowadays, most of the food we consume has had its genes altered out of industrial and production purposes. Unfortunately, it seems that the risk of contracting toenail fungus has increased at the expense of having more food on our tables. Here is a sure way to identify GMO foods with highly infectious potential and how to cure nail fungus quick and easy.


GMO foods with dangerous fungi

Genetic modification occurs in all types of plants: those that end up on the supermarket shelves, and those which are used to feed animal livestock. Whether you choose cereals, fruits or vegetables, you are bound to consume GMO altered produce. The same goes for the meat, the dairy products, and the eggs you add to your diet. Almost 95% of the edible goods you find in a regular store can give you a fungal infection.

How to remove toenail fungus

If you wake up one morning with a burning sensation around your decolorized toenail, you most likely have onychomycosis. At this stage, it is too late to identify the culprit. The fungi that damaged your nails could have been in your milk, your steak, your orange juice or your candy bar.

What you should do instead is find a quick way to remove toenail fungus. In this case, your best solution is ZetaClear – the best treatment for onychomycosis on the market. This highly effective cure for fungal infections stops the ailment from spreading and restores your nail to full health in just a few weeks. More than that, long-term use strengthens your immune system against future fungi attacks from GMO foods.

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