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Is GMO food shooting down your eyelashes?

Some women are blessed with long, thick eyelashes that enhance their beauty. Others have to struggle with short, thin lashes that make their eyelids look bald. Both of them have one thing in common: they see their lashes fall regularly. But what happens when they lose them at a quicker rate than the one needed to replace them?


The FDA researchers seem to have found the culprit: GMO foods. According to this study, genetically modified ingredients produce hair loss on your entire body, including on your eyelids. While it 's hard to get rid of all the GMO ingredients in your diet, you can start using a potent formula for eyelash growth like Idol Lash to regrow thicker and longer lashes than you ever had before.

The evolution of GMO food

At the end of World War II, the entire planet was facing a major depletion of resources. Food was scarce, and scientists were looking for viable ways to increase production in the limited time they had. The evolution of genetics proposed a solution to increase the crops worldwide through the use of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. While this strategy prevented global famine, it also generated a significant number of health issues that the current generations have to deal with.


How to grow darker and thicker lashes

Your eyelashes, as small and insignificant as they may seem to play a significant role in keeping you healthy. They block external agents from entering your eyes or affecting the fragile skin of your eyelids, thus preventing severe infections.

To prevent or reverse the adverse side effects that GMO foods have on your eyelashes, you need to use Idol Lash - the latest and most powerful lash enhancer on the market. Daily use of this treatment will increase the size of the hairs on your eyelids from stronger roots in less than one month.

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